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June 6, 2019
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Top 5 Men’s Hair Trends in 2019

Men's hair trends 2019

2019 hair trends have caught up with the au naturel look in beauty, generally. We are looking at a lot of play with textures and flows that give you effortless styles. Here are some of the top men’s hair trends in 2019:

The Buzz

There are only a few styles that transcend timelines – the buzz makes that cut in men’s hair trends for 2019. We have been expecting this revival for some time with global ramps and celebrities dropping early hints with serious shaves and precision lines. Once a military man’s staple, the buzz cut makes its 2019 comeback to barbering with several upgrades which are far from being severely formal.

The classic way to go is a line-up fade for that polished finish, while we are also seeing a liking towards shaved lines with texture on top. Longer messy hair is a bit more desirable than the original short buzz, but adding a bit of colour can liven up both. Jagged edges are another new feature for the 2019 buzz cut and they add good contrast to the overall style.

Crop Fade

Styles evolve over time and it is not unusual for one year’s top trend to be carried over to the next with significant upgrades. The Crop Fade is a 2018 favourite that has made it way well into 2019 men’s hair trends with a lot more room for creativity. The original style goes with texture on top, fades on sides, and a bit of fringe in the front.

Based on hair type and face shape, a couple of variations are preferred including the Box Crop that comes with a defined blunt cut fringe and long hair on top, textured and defined for the smooth finish. For wavy or curly hair, light to medium products can be used for better hold and definition.

Natural Textures

‘Back to Nature’ is the chant all over the fashion and beauty world this year with organic products, sustainable salons, eco-friendly styles and no-makeup looks as the buzzing keywords. Hair takes up the chorus too with natural waves hitting the shores for men and women both. High fade quiff and messy undercuts stay strong in men’s hair with textured tops and shaved sides continuing to be a popular pick.

Textured is the new cool in men’s hair trends for 2019, with bed-head aesthetics complete with tousled spikes and tapered lengths. While the natural texture is a must-have to style up top in short haircuts with gels or wax to put the waves in place, the medium length cuts are favouring longer looser hair with natural movement. The products preferred are also not too controlling – just a pomade to make the hair stay in place for that upgraded bed-head look.  

Go Bold

Men’s grooming is at an all-time high, especially in India with the urban male waking up to the need for professional services and specialised products to maintain their personalities. With awareness comes the confidence to push boundaries and to try out new styles that might have been too far-fetched five years ago. But now, be it cut, colour or style, Indian men have learnt to embrace individuality through bold statements.

For a subtle style statement, creative neckline designs and shaved lines are the go-to trends in men’s hairstyling. The jagged fringe and blurry fade are also rising stars in 2019 men’s hair trends. And for the trendsetters, the spiked mullets, curly mohawks, and ash blonde colours can be quite the thrill. And if you are looking to grow it out, consider natural chin-length cuts to match with a beard.

Slicked Back

Balance is vital to every aspect of life – including personal style. Men’s hair trends 2019 have the right solution for a balanced style statement that is current yet comfortable on any occasion. The versatile Slicked Back looks is fun and formal at the same time and is a long-running favourite across the globe.

The 2019 version leans towards the latest ‘natural revolution’ in beauty and grooming. Instead off the classic brushed back style that gives you a sleek and strong look, this year’s men’s hair trend is to blow dry the lengths on top and leave it to flow naturally. For a more formal look, wear it with a side part combed into place and blow-dried for a fuller body. No heavy products or a stronger hold for this revived classic that’s best for thick hair.